Priority Care Pediatrics, LLC, (PCPeds) makes the health and well-being of our patients, their families, our staff and the surrounding community our top concern. Due to unwarranted anti-immunization rhetoric, we recognize that there is heightened concern regarding immunizations. However, immunizations have been, and continue to be, one of the most researched medical practices in modern history. Immunizations are overwhelmingly safe. There is no controversy regarding the safety and efficacy of immunizations. Immunizing your child using the current CDC schedule is the right decision. Succinctly, immunizations save lives.

Therefore, the healthcare providers of Priority Care Pediatrics, LLC, in an effort to maximize the benefits of immunizations, while ensuring the health of our patients in a safe manner:

  • require that all patients be fully immunized according to the schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC);
  • are willing to discuss any questions you may have regarding immunizations at a separate visit, scheduled specifically for that purpose;
  • require that immunizations be initiated at the first well visit;
  • and require that patients must follow our standard well visit schedule to ensure that immunizations are up to date.

Some exceptions do apply. After consultation with a PCPeds provider, patients may not be required to receive an immunization if any of the following criteria are met:

  • The patient has a severe allergy to one of the components of the immunization. (Minor allergies may require observation after immunization, but will not prohibit administering the immunization.)
  • The immunization is not available at the time of the office visit.
  • The patient is experiencing severe immune suppression.
  • The patient has a close contact with an immune-compromised person precluding immunization(s).
  • The patient is experiencing severe illness within 24 hours of scheduled immunization. (Minor illnesses will not prohibit administering the immunization.)
  • The patient has been on chronic high-dose steroid treatment (at least 2 weeks duration).
  • The patient does not meet the approved age requirements.
  • The patient has a chronic illness precluding immunization(s).
  • All approved immunizations, save one, are required. Due to current difficulties in ensuring supply and enforcing standard scheduling, the Influenza immunization is highly recommended, but not required.
  • Any missed immunization(s) will be administered at the next appropriate visit per the CDC catch-up schedule.

PCPeds will not honor any alternative schedules written by an outside healthcare provider. We will work with you to ensure that your child is as protected as possible, as quickly as possible, following the CDC catch-up schedule.

We, the providers of PCPeds, acknowledge and honor your rights as parents/guardians to make any and all healthcare decisions for your child(ren). We will not force you to immunize your child(ren) against your wishes.

If you cannot comply with this policy, we respectfully ask that you find a healthcare provider more apt to meet your preferences. We do not have a list of providers who allow alternative immunization schedules or immunization refusals. Further, we do not recommend any provider who does so.

Immunization Resources

We look forward to providing the best care possible to your family. If you would like more information on the safety and effectiveness of immunizations, or if you would like to research immunizations more, please schedule an appointment with a PCPeds provider and/or visit these reliable and scientifically validated sources of information:

American Academy of Pediatrics

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Immunization Action Coalition

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Every Child By Two

Ian’s Rainbow Flu Foundation

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