Family Immunizations

Influenza Immunizations

Each year we offer influenza immunizations to everyone in order to provide the greatest protection to our patients and the general community. This year our flu clinic will be scheduled appointments only, at our North Oak location. Stock is limited so please have your insurance information ready for our schedulers to verify at the time of scheduling. Call us today to get your appt. scheduled! 816-412-2900.

Whooping Cough Immunizations

Whooping cough (pertussis) is a serious threat to newborns and infants – often fatal. Infants are not fully protected until they have received all four initial doses of vaccine (generally around 15 months of age). Because of this, the best way to protect newborns and young infants is to ensure that everyone around them is immunized – a process known as “cocooning.” To assist with this, we offer the vaccine to everyone.

As with influenza immunization, we cannot bill insurance, but we offer the vaccine at the discount rate of $45 payable by cash, check, or credit card at the time of the immunization. To receive a Tdap vaccine from our office, call us to get scheduled.

Our phone lines are open at 7:30am Monday through Saturday until the close of business that day.


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